Thursday, 15 December 2011


Its all I can say on this beatiful day as I mark the end of my 1st semester as a second year. Goodbye AUGUST SEMESTER 2011! GOODBYE 2011!!!!
1. Photography
Dear photography you made me love you and then hate you. I have loved you ever since I could remember but getting to know you changed that. You made me cry, you gave me sleepless nights and now am just happy to let you go... for now. Just know al b back for you and I will conquer you coz though u have stressed me I still love you.
2. My break up.
I will be single for a very very long while because once beaten twice thrice shy.

Monday, 14 November 2011

time for time...

Its time I stopped being lazy and started writting some more.
Time has passed since and my love for writing has decreased over the years (odd I know). When I was in class five I used to write short stories based on the greek myth stories I had read thankfully because my classmates had not read about them they were so impressed by those stories. I guess that was the beginning and since then stories have flowed and my hand has written them down but my laziness has never let me finish the stories.
 In class eight my inspiration was the baby sitter books my own gang of friends dealing with teenage issues, school issues, group issues and home issues. I dreamt lots of things and shortly wrote my dreams  down.

I am a person who loves travelling because I wont get  bored in the matatu I think of too many things and make up a lot more things. My mind becomes my world and I get lost in it.
Back to time highschool a confession I hated reading anything without an interesting storyline thats why I spent so much time in the library and still failed chemistry, biology, pyhsics you get the drill.
I read and re read novels like  pride and the prejudice, little women and s.e hinstons books wah dont I miss those days.
I wrote stories only when I had serious writing and reading to do.In the middle of reading chemistry I would get an idea of a girl who has been living her mum's life and her grandmother's life. She was Cheru born to Washu granddaughter of Adhu. She read her mother's diary and realized all the major events in her life had happened just as in her mothers life. Was she content knowing what she would end up as when she would marry and how she would die??
Oops where was I? Yea my writing during preps and when doing an assingment for some reason ideas came just when I dnt need them. During the holidays I would take the writings hoem and show them with pride to everyone at home. They were what I had to show off.
I guess that's why after form four the writing career in media seemed the natural way to go to this day am not convinced it was the right path but I guess all only know for sure when I have gained some recognition from a professional which I am kind of afraid of doing.
Bottom line is I will keep writing for me for you maybe professionally maybe not but Chinua Achebe rank here I come :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Dear Ima,
           How are you and how is life this days its been 9 yaers since we last talked you were the best friend I ever had. I know I have
used the word were thats because so many things have changed since those days.Life went on and I found people who will be with me forever yeah yeah I know you would have been 1 of them if you were still here. Let me tell you about them from the very begining
it was in 2003 and I was going to a new school the tension and everything else was there. So was  a D  and a SH and a SHA and a L and a H
friends good friends then I dnt know how good. They helped me through those last 3 years and wwwwwaaaaahhh dnt we have a lot of fun in our own way. The 1st part of life ended and we went our different ways because life had to go on and we had to meet all the other awesome poeple who would change us in small ways.
          Yeah we met them and met them people who were with us in the second phase of life and personaly my new friends were just great and helpful with a shoulder to cry on as I went through everything and everything is a LOT the tears I shed the laughter everything!!!
Then we finished that phase of life and met again and believe it or not picked up from where we stopped we went on as if we had never been apart.Ima  I cant say all we have been through together special times with each one of them they know everything  av been through since this year begun.
           I have found friends who are more than friends they are sister and more than sisters they are my best friends!!!!!!!!!! Ilove them soooooo much and know we always will be there 4 each other. Ima they are Deee my namesake, Sha,Sheila,Lisa and Hilda!!!!!
          Ima al break it all down for you another day al tell u all about my days!!! Today av told you about my strongholds they were sent by God to be there for me heheheh.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I write coz I love,
I cry coz I hurt,
I cry 2 coz I love,
I b coz I am,
I smile coz of life,
I wish coz of wants,
I pray coz of needs,
I pray coz of pain,
I pray for love,
I pray for u,
I pray for me,
I pray to fill an emptyness,
I eat to add,
I eat to love,
I study to live,
I enjoy to laugh,
I confuse coz I can,
Then I smile coz am me,
I fill joy coz I have all I need.
I am thankful to Him, to you, to me!!!


Now this one is yours and I promise totry to say the truth just as I see it. We were forced together by fate that made you lose 2 deskys and me be tricked out of my place but it was for the best. You be a strong strong person with ambition and determination and I love the way you view the world. The way we were talking about careers and being rich hehe the passion you had...
The way you made fun of me and umm unajua to and the way I did the same with Nyakundi ;) (know you knw who am talking about) but anyway you kept me laughing you were there for me when I cried and we made such a unique friendship that al always regret not being there for you in may 2010.
Histo teacher loving you and you always finding a way to! The way we talked of our families and venye we husema stories you always kept me glued listening. Then tunasema tunakuwa foccussed and we were for 10 minutes maximum.
Btw am sorry about the drawing that made Maina call us to his office!
I remeber a lot and we always be deskys tho life has taken us to different places and maybe we might not get what we had before but we still have memorires and all the time in the world to rekindle an awesome friendship. I love you soooo much!!!! 

Monday, 3 October 2011


Its a Monday again and I always hate Mondays especially the fact that today I had to wake up at 6. I hate hate hate Mondays. Then I ended up missing my fave class for photography a developing something that turned black :(. I still love photography all in all.

Yesterday outside a club near Odeon was a young boy dancing. That boy had moves that would challenge a professional dancer. All the people in the club were cheering him on and when the music stopped ni vile we in Kenya otherwise he would have received a standing ovation. The people in the club began dropping cash down to the boy. He was very grateful that when a person gave him a shilling he thanked him like he hads been given a thousand but the look in that boys eyes when he danced were those of determination and joy. He is my inspiration for the week!!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

19th September 2011

Today is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad for it. Thus my day starts not that nicely but well all the same. The call from dear sweet mum that just made my day. Ati she has missed me awww. hehe then almost being late for that class the 1 that the lecturer likes me because am a left handed just like him and it just rocks to be a lefthanded.He teaches history he is funny and he believes he was alive in 1920.

 The bad thing was after lunch I was walking happily to class thinking of a photo story for class. Then halfway to class my shoe string snapped and the shoe almost broke into two. I could not even drag my foot in the shoe I had to walk barefoot back to the room meeting a hundred people going the opposite direction looking at me with pitiful eyes. Then as if things could not get any worse I was pricked by a thorn aaargh but I went to the room changed shoes went to class made a presentation and am still smiling.


Life is life. It cannot be described and it cannot be the same as anyone's life. It is unique and it belongs to you. That is life.
This semester as beatiful and challenging it is has taught me to question life through socrates words. Its through questions we learn that we do not know anything. Hehe if I do not try and quote socrates how will you know am doing philosophy?
Then in studio looking at the faces of my classmates and wondering if we are all there for love of mass communication or is it because of our fasination with television, magazines, radio and celebrities.
Why do we do what we do???
That day we mass communication second years were in the studio looking at how the radio world is and it was such a nice feeling to be in that studio and to be starting something we will spend all our lives doing. The biggest question is what our motivation is. Is it more glamorous being on the outside loooking in or being on the inside making it happen.
It is common knowledge that we are almost never satisfied with what we get will that be reflected in this????

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


1. Write something here everyday.
2. Now that dark hand is gone not cry about it.
3. Succesfully get 3. with 18hrs (I should start praying)
4. Add another blog
5. Read Bible everyday
6. Visit an orphanage fortnightly


Its a new sem with new courses new things new fears and many many more challenges. Am finally a 2nd year wooohooo hehe. N ths was my first day in school.
Life is a bitch (pardon my saying so) but here I am on a "beautiful" day (I just have to be optimistic coz am alive, healthy and God loves me that qualifies for a good day. But criously I was having an awful day because evrything was going wrong 1st being left by the bus literally seeing the bus leave me. Then missing my class then being warned by almost 3 people to drop photography coz inakazi nyingi and if am thinking of doing the most hours I can I should get rid of it.
Then with a dismayed heart I went to thew phototgraphy class to decide. Am second in class there is ths korean 3rd year hapo and he says hi with all the pysche then next person enters a 3rd year pia and he sits down we start talking then 5th person a 3rd year pia and he also admits that he is thinking of dropping it. Finally another lady arrives and so far am liking my course mates. An hour later am loving the lecturer and the course even more. My question is is passion enough??? I love photos and everything about it or should I just give up and follow my friends advice???

Thursday, 11 August 2011


I have two young nephews who make me wish I had young siblings at times the rest of the times they just drive me crazy with thier incessant questions and tricks. I love those two rascals collo n vin. Collo falls asleep whiel watching telly and you can not wake him up without him making a big show. Ataamka then akimbie nje u have 2 run after him then aanze kulia then finally aseme anataka chakula by the time afike that point its an hour since you first woke him up. I love them and I love their questions they make me smile on a quiet evening after a long hard day....
Umefika??? They ask when I enter the house then they look at each other and ask umetuletea nini?? This always makes me smile. Vini (the older 1) makes sure its Collo who asks me that. Their dreams are to be a doctor and the other an engineer dont u just miss those days when our dreams were that. When life was about hating school especially a certain maths teacher then about longing to reach home at about 1 in order to play aah how I miss those days and Vinni and Collo make me miss them more.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Its a beatiful day and am feeling like life doesnt make sense at all. This week has been a learning lesson for me. When mum was found to have ovarian tumour we took it in our stride with her being optimistic Susan hopeful me thoughtful. It happened and her daughters were right by her side holding her hand and being supportive then arguing about something not important at all!!!!!
 But anyway life qent on and she got out of hosi and thats when life for me became really scaery. They all left me alone to take care of my dear um. AAAAARGH!!!!  How sure were they that I was worth that position. I love my mum 2 much to put her in my  hands guess that says a lot about me.... And then again it also says a lot about my faith.
1 day she vomited after her meal and I was sure labda it was just the food then at night she vomited again and thats when I freaked out and I started doubting there decision of putting me as mum's nurse. But the thing that scared me the most was her not praying and reading the bible.My mum hu used to wake up at 4 to pray and soma bibilia and hu never let us sleep without praying was not praying as much that was according to me the worst and that why am smilling today coz ameamka at 5 kuomba na ametukeep hadi 10 pm reading the bible. HUUUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
 Now its time for us to see the doctor for 1 more checkup and get to know whetre its chemo 4 her or not a trip the two of us have been postponing 4 a long time!!!! God help us.......

Thursday, 9 June 2011


I am a girl who became an aunt at age 2 and my father retired when I was in class one. I have an amazing life because God has blessed my life. Let me try and explain when I was a child in beautiful chepkanga I grew up feeling like am the third born in a family of three because thats who were left at home. Mark the cheeky one always playing tricks on people.
     The new house was being built I was 7yrs Sue was 10 and Mark 11. We loved playing in the big house being built sasa one day it was time to play hide and seek imagine Mark had the guts kunitafuta kwa sink kwa sink sawa I was small but kwa sink thats just being Mark. Then when the hole for garbage was being dug cheeky Mark thought it a good idea to scare Cherop ( a girl our age) now he told me and Sue that he was hiding a pipe in the hole. Later on him the gallant leader leads us to the hole cherop with us. Once in he pulls out the pipe and shouts snake and till this day cherop swears that was asnake she screamed for more than ten minutes. 
    Nextstory when Mark forgot me in school while he went home.Normally I went home with Sue but on that day Sue had a lesson that went hadi 6 so I had to go home with my brother but he forgot and went home home was 2 matatus away a child of class 1 couldnt go alone. I had to wait for Susan at 6 to go home with alafu nafika nyumbani ndio Mark anaanza kupanic. On the same note kuna when I was in class three I dint make it home...

Friday, 8 April 2011

Mama Dear

Dear Mum,
I have never really told you how much I love you but I love you a lot.You have always been the mother of the community. I always thought you would join politics what with the way you care for those people so much. I guess maybe I was a little  jealous of them. But I know you belong to us and us alone the 8 of us. Mum you surely have the energy of ten women half your age.And that makes me the proudest daughter in the world but then again at times am sad coz you say you cant do this or that for me coz the church needs contribution ya our small community and odd enough its just you hu contributes.Mama ulisurvive aje kubring up 8 kids

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Add caption
I penda life coz waaah it is just interestn!!!!!!
I remember ma stuff that has happnd that has made people laugh at all stages of laif. Mara c a classmate lusn a shoe coz ilifly hadi juu ya toilet roof. Then the days ya kuruka fence bak in Mr Ms land.I still rememba tukipush wall ndio atuchape vizuri. Mr Mwangi yaani (every1 had a Mr M in his/her laif ryt???) I just salute those teachers who made us dread going to skul but pai alitupa memories worth making and drew the class closer together in our 'hate' 4 him.
Then new skul class six comn and new teachers to dread. That first day in skul (again all those hu know the feeln do empathise with me) waaah I had butterflies in my stomach alafu venye watu walikuwa wanakaa      mabarbie  that I was freakn out.And I had a crush on the hottest guy in class hmm that guy was hot.  All in all I got over it safely phewx!!! Then kukneel down mbele ya staffroom with my mouth covered na sellotape courtersy of Mr Ki.Now I remember y I was sooo glad to b dne with primary.I remember Mrs Nyo(alikuwa anaitwa nani???) akiuliza hu pendas skul n akiwa so shockd wen we all in unison said NO ONE!!
 Mwalimu Si wat a kiswahili teacher and a half. (hu has ever noticed that all pri swa teachers are just comedians) I pendad that teacha venye he thot!!!!
All my pri lyf I cnt forget Miss K wit her swag, short skirts, ATT  n venye she made me go places plus her favourn me!!! hehe
Hyskul!!!! Tunaingia form 1 feeln so mature and so on top of the world only to be reminded by Mr Ak hau we are wheelbarrows wa shule to be seen and to serve but have no ryts at all. Them prefects made us kneel imba sme lullabies and M beat the chemistry into us (at least kwa wengine iliingia). The fact that we were a mixed skul meant that life never got boring!! Alfu rumours spread like bushfire this chick sneaks into the boys dorm at nait and by break time the whole skul minus the teachers know abt it. What the heck hau the hell. Thn the dreaded 4... (that class since I entad 4rm 1 to the day 1 finishd that kcse paper has bn the same ) is wea all the evil happnd!!! Even the principal culdnt do anythn abt it

tym 4 swt me to slip wit a smile am so glad am out of Hyskul no matter hau fun it smtimes was

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Hero.

 Tommorow willl mark 5 years since I said goodbye to my dear father.Known to me as Baba to my brothers as FCC and to the world as Mr Cheruiyot. A great man he was a man am more than proud that he was my father. WAAAAAH I MISS HIM soooo much. He had  the answers to all my questions and I felt safe if he would have told me to jump off a bridge I would have done it wihtout thinking twice I never ever doubted his decisions.
A handsome distinguished quiet wise man who said habari yake and with whom I arm wrestled and took walks with on sunday evenings. The man who loved his children and who gave us the best the man who would not take a bribe at ALL...
The man who raised 8 children.
Baba your memory lives on and though you are gone we love you.  Imiss you very very much. Going to