Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I am officially in love. Out of fear of being branded a stalker I will use initials. I am in love with T.M, yes I am over the moon in love, puppy love I should add. Since my so-called love does not know I exist. Yeah I live in a sad sad world. I have been in love since I discovered him. Let me tell you about him. He is a great writer. He tells a story so beautifully that you can see it unfold.
When I was in class seven, I begun reading his stories. I wanted the paper because of his story. On Friday, he was a bad boy who sounds crazy and fun while on Saturday, he was calm and collected. He fit into his different personas effortlessly.
This how the like affair begun. I have in the years matured enough to like him more. I now completely understand that writing is a hard job. It is therefore commendable that he manages to write stories on a daily basis. When crazy monday,  was started, he was one of its contributors.
An example of how talented he is, is this. On Fridays, he has a column in a major Kenyan newspaper, in the Nairobian , a recently launched newspaper by Standard media, he wrote two articles. In each of the articles he is unique adapting appropriately to suit the readers.
He has published two books that completely speak to me. I have been a loyal fanatic ahem I mean fan of his written word.
I am convinced that I am in love because, all the events he has been scheduled to speak at I have attended and he unfortunately has not. The most recent event,he did not attend because he missed the bus, yes he conveniently missed the bus. He unbelievably missed the bus.
I believe that I am still meant to meet him. Therefore when I got a chance to sit in a meeting of the magazine he writes for, I jumped at that chance and guess what he did not come.
I am in love with his talent. A little victory the reason I wrote this is because he sent me an email.Okay, me and everyone who was at the meeting but the main thing is ME.
The joy am in confirms it...