Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Horses are wonderful animals associated with wealth.They are rich animals those that children pay 100 bob for a 2 minute ride. They are mysterious associated with the stories of how knights save the princess and gallop her away. Yes horses have a better name than even some people.
Reason I choose to write about horses is because I love horses. And also because I was dared to write a story on riding horses. The proverbial horse is what I will write about. It is richness and getting to the stage where you can fly your kids to school in a chopper everyday.
I want to own a horse one day and ride it into the sunset with a handsome knight by my side. Ahh what bliss to think of things you hope you can get and think you cannot.
Henry Ford once said whether you say you cant or can, it is probably right. My translation I can own a horse a real horse on a ranch but being a kenyan my horse will most likely be cars or cows. I hope cows thousands of cows and then I can play at being a cow girl.
Horses can also be hapiness the thing we want most and do too  much for yet most of the time it is right infront of us.We need to relax and look at the present without worrying about the future. Maybe we have our horse right infront of us but we are to complicated to notice.
Hmm I am embarking on a journeyto get my horse.