Thursday, 9 June 2011


I am a girl who became an aunt at age 2 and my father retired when I was in class one. I have an amazing life because God has blessed my life. Let me try and explain when I was a child in beautiful chepkanga I grew up feeling like am the third born in a family of three because thats who were left at home. Mark the cheeky one always playing tricks on people.
     The new house was being built I was 7yrs Sue was 10 and Mark 11. We loved playing in the big house being built sasa one day it was time to play hide and seek imagine Mark had the guts kunitafuta kwa sink kwa sink sawa I was small but kwa sink thats just being Mark. Then when the hole for garbage was being dug cheeky Mark thought it a good idea to scare Cherop ( a girl our age) now he told me and Sue that he was hiding a pipe in the hole. Later on him the gallant leader leads us to the hole cherop with us. Once in he pulls out the pipe and shouts snake and till this day cherop swears that was asnake she screamed for more than ten minutes. 
    Nextstory when Mark forgot me in school while he went home.Normally I went home with Sue but on that day Sue had a lesson that went hadi 6 so I had to go home with my brother but he forgot and went home home was 2 matatus away a child of class 1 couldnt go alone. I had to wait for Susan at 6 to go home with alafu nafika nyumbani ndio Mark anaanza kupanic. On the same note kuna when I was in class three I dint make it home...