Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I dream that one day I will stand and say this words...

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all. Everyone who has stood by my side through everything. You all have made this possible. 1st, I would like to thank me famillie, the big one that I have. This extends from parents,siblings to cousins. A special mention is Susan my dear one. She was the one I have been with through all the stupid things av done. She is one person I call when I have done something stupid. The inspiration behind my career.
I want to thank my friends who have been great partners in life. I remember a saying your best friend is the one who will be sitting with you in jail as you both try and figure out how to get out. And I have had many such friends.  Many are the times we have been in compromising situations laughing, crying and swearing that it wont happen again.
I stand before you as the little girl who went to a small school in Eldoret, as the little girl who once recieved a present in an over-sized dress - that had dust stains on the side it looked like I had fallen sideways on my way to get the present, an over-sized sweater and very dusty shoes (My friends still laugh about that photo till today). I stand infront of you as that young girl who was afraid of submitting a story because she did not want to fail at what she loved.
I am still that girl who cries and hides away from the world when she is sad. I remain humble and know that I am here only because I got help. Others believed in me when  I didn't believe in me. A special mention goes to the guy who mentored me when I was a shy 21 year old. A.K May God bless you because all the thank yous I say are not enough.
Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank God. He has brought me from far since I was a tiny toddler born pre-mature, He has received a lot of tears and frustrations and He has held me through it all and kept me sane.
I hope to get a chance to keep on doing what I love and mentor other talented but shy young people.
Thank you.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


By Words we speak,
By Words we Cry
We reveal what is in our hearts
Our worries, our pain
Our joys
Our future.
I should have, but I did not
I lied, I said I had voted him
It was my choice anyway
My right my vote
My being the most important word
This may be our life but
The pastor said we are one
You insisted
You have calculated all the risks
And seen your choice is best for the family we want
You said with conviction
I am  not sorry
I do not regret it
I will not telll you
But when you see me smile
Without reason
It is because I have a secret you will not approve
You forgot that I also have a mind
You forgot that I have a dream and a vision for Kenya
Yes you love me
Yes you care for me
But you degrade my mind
And silence my voice
I stood up and did what they all said
I made a wise choice.