Wednesday 14 November 2012

When you have nothing to lose.

The best advice I have gotten in al long while is "what do you have to lose?". My FAVOURITE lecturer ( this lady is the kind we grew up reading about those professors that felt like professors). She is strict, gives a lot of work makes you think and is encouraging. Go do it kwani what is the worst that can happen? She says over and over and over again.
Come to think of it what is the worse that can happen?
A big no perhaphs,
1. You pitch a story to a newspaper. Worst case it is not published. WORST CASE that can never ever happen  (WCTCNEH) T IS PUBLISHED WITH THE EDITOR SAYING Y IT IS NOT GOOD AND YOU SHOULD NEVER WRITE AGAIN.
2. You meet up with your career hero and tell the person how much you admire them and would one day love to work with them. And the like i.e Networking..
Worst case:  You are asked some strict questions that leave you speechless. WORST CASE that can never ever happen ( WCTCNEH) you start crying and or fall and your hero leaves you with a look that says “ I would never hire you neither will I forget you.”
3.You apply for a job that requires more experience and skills than you have.
Worst case scenario a plain no