Friday, 8 July 2011

Its a beatiful day and am feeling like life doesnt make sense at all. This week has been a learning lesson for me. When mum was found to have ovarian tumour we took it in our stride with her being optimistic Susan hopeful me thoughtful. It happened and her daughters were right by her side holding her hand and being supportive then arguing about something not important at all!!!!!
 But anyway life qent on and she got out of hosi and thats when life for me became really scaery. They all left me alone to take care of my dear um. AAAAARGH!!!!  How sure were they that I was worth that position. I love my mum 2 much to put her in my  hands guess that says a lot about me.... And then again it also says a lot about my faith.
1 day she vomited after her meal and I was sure labda it was just the food then at night she vomited again and thats when I freaked out and I started doubting there decision of putting me as mum's nurse. But the thing that scared me the most was her not praying and reading the bible.My mum hu used to wake up at 4 to pray and soma bibilia and hu never let us sleep without praying was not praying as much that was according to me the worst and that why am smilling today coz ameamka at 5 kuomba na ametukeep hadi 10 pm reading the bible. HUUUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
 Now its time for us to see the doctor for 1 more checkup and get to know whetre its chemo 4 her or not a trip the two of us have been postponing 4 a long time!!!! God help us.......