Tuesday 23 August 2011


1. Write something here everyday.
2. Now that dark hand is gone not cry about it.
3. Succesfully get 3. with 18hrs (I should start praying)
4. Add another blog
5. Read Bible everyday
6. Visit an orphanage fortnightly


Its a new sem with new courses new things new fears and many many more challenges. Am finally a 2nd year wooohooo hehe. N ths was my first day in school.
Life is a bitch (pardon my saying so) but here I am on a "beautiful" day (I just have to be optimistic coz am alive, healthy and God loves me that qualifies for a good day. But criously I was having an awful day because evrything was going wrong 1st being left by the bus literally seeing the bus leave me. Then missing my class then being warned by almost 3 people to drop photography coz inakazi nyingi and if am thinking of doing the most hours I can I should get rid of it.
Then with a dismayed heart I went to thew phototgraphy class to decide. Am second in class there is ths korean 3rd year hapo and he says hi with all the pysche then next person enters a 3rd year pia and he sits down we start talking then 5th person a 3rd year pia and he also admits that he is thinking of dropping it. Finally another lady arrives and so far am liking my course mates. An hour later am loving the lecturer and the course even more. My question is is passion enough??? I love photos and everything about it or should I just give up and follow my friends advice???

Thursday 11 August 2011


I have two young nephews who make me wish I had young siblings at times the rest of the times they just drive me crazy with thier incessant questions and tricks. I love those two rascals collo n vin. Collo falls asleep whiel watching telly and you can not wake him up without him making a big show. Ataamka then akimbie nje u have 2 run after him then aanze kulia then finally aseme anataka chakula by the time afike that point its an hour since you first woke him up. I love them and I love their questions they make me smile on a quiet evening after a long hard day....
Umefika??? They ask when I enter the house then they look at each other and ask umetuletea nini?? This always makes me smile. Vini (the older 1) makes sure its Collo who asks me that. Their dreams are to be a doctor and the other an engineer dont u just miss those days when our dreams were that. When life was about hating school especially a certain maths teacher then about longing to reach home at about 1 in order to play aah how I miss those days and Vinni and Collo make me miss them more.