Monday, 14 November 2011

time for time...

Its time I stopped being lazy and started writting some more.
Time has passed since and my love for writing has decreased over the years (odd I know). When I was in class five I used to write short stories based on the greek myth stories I had read thankfully because my classmates had not read about them they were so impressed by those stories. I guess that was the beginning and since then stories have flowed and my hand has written them down but my laziness has never let me finish the stories.
 In class eight my inspiration was the baby sitter books my own gang of friends dealing with teenage issues, school issues, group issues and home issues. I dreamt lots of things and shortly wrote my dreams  down.

I am a person who loves travelling because I wont get  bored in the matatu I think of too many things and make up a lot more things. My mind becomes my world and I get lost in it.
Back to time highschool a confession I hated reading anything without an interesting storyline thats why I spent so much time in the library and still failed chemistry, biology, pyhsics you get the drill.
I read and re read novels like  pride and the prejudice, little women and s.e hinstons books wah dont I miss those days.
I wrote stories only when I had serious writing and reading to do.In the middle of reading chemistry I would get an idea of a girl who has been living her mum's life and her grandmother's life. She was Cheru born to Washu granddaughter of Adhu. She read her mother's diary and realized all the major events in her life had happened just as in her mothers life. Was she content knowing what she would end up as when she would marry and how she would die??
Oops where was I? Yea my writing during preps and when doing an assingment for some reason ideas came just when I dnt need them. During the holidays I would take the writings hoem and show them with pride to everyone at home. They were what I had to show off.
I guess that's why after form four the writing career in media seemed the natural way to go to this day am not convinced it was the right path but I guess all only know for sure when I have gained some recognition from a professional which I am kind of afraid of doing.
Bottom line is I will keep writing for me for you maybe professionally maybe not but Chinua Achebe rank here I come :)