Friday, 9 March 2012

Party elections imagine I lost. UNBELIEVABLE!

I have just left something I thought I would win. The company elections was tonight. I am a staunch believer and I love the company I am always there for them so its only natural that I would have some expectations of getting somewhere. The meeting started well with over thirty members present. Introductions were done we laughed and talked and joked about each others relationship status. Finally the time we were all waiting for.  The nominations of the new officials. It was time to choose. Of course we begun with the chair and I was nominated though we all knew who would win. Then the vice and again I was nominated then the treasurer and again I was nominated and I did not get any post. Mark you the elections were done in that the nominated people left the room then the other people voted and chose their leader. I went out three times  all times in vain but ooh well guess lesson learnt is my time hasn’t come yet.
Last week I had called up my dear mother to cry over messing up when applying for a job I really wanted and her calm reply was if the job is yours you will get it if it is not yours you will not get it and that is just the way life. God gives you something He knows you can handle and o good in if you do not get what you wanted it was not what you needed. Lesson of the day keep smiling even when the time does not deserve your smile.
I hope completely hope to learn more by not getting those posts than I would learn by getting them. I have never known how to take disappointments but time has come for me to take risks without the fear of failure but with the joy of looking forward to a challenge.

I love my family ALOT. They are the ones I look to when  life is hard and disappointing and I cannot take it anymore. When am bored there is always Rose to call , when I need ideas Sue comes into the picture and when I need advice and love Mama’s voice does it for me. Today I am counting my blessings being grateful for having a big family thus I can discuss my relationship problems with Caro and I can talk and laugh time away with Peter. I love being a lastborn and depending on my family even though I have to grow up one day well al take the growing one day at a time.
I have the best of friends people who were there for me when I lost my father. People who hold me when I cry who support me when I fall right after they laugh at me. Wednesday 22nd February was a hard day for me but all those friends who care for me were there. Claire kept me company Betsy made me laugh  Dee showed me how to share love even when one is a 100  kilometres  away. My other bffs were all therefor me to keep me from thinking too much and to I survived one of the worst days of my life all thanks to those friends who I can not reward in money because they deserve more than that. I even fear I cannot be as good a friend as they are.
Did I mention my cousins, nieces and nephews when I talked of my family?? Hmm they make my life go on and with so much fun and excitement. I share a special bond with each of them. Funny story  me and a cousin of mine were standing outside an electronics shop and next to it was a kichochoro. It was 24th December a day all cousins  had been together. There we were just me and Daisy minding our  own business waiting for dear big cuzo to pick us when three young men came along and one of them said to us come I have 500 bob. He loudly said to his friends “ Hawa nawajua wanakkuanga hapa.” We were shocked we were decently dressed in BAGGY trousers and sweaters not for a minute did we look  like prostitutes and at 500 umm WHAT!!!!  Well that is it for the night more stories coming soon... 

What travelling does to me

I have always wanted to write while am travelling because the view of everything just fills me with words. A childhood dream to write on the road odd or weird its just me. I love travelling when I was small I used to make up stories in my mind and close my eyes and watch the story unfold in my mind or I would stare out and look at the trees, the maize growing the shops we passed and everything just had me thinking about it. Its very interesting the way human beings are. There is always something that calms one down for me its travelling though at times it brings out my emotions. Travelling is magical to me. I love the way it is just me and my thoughts and the motion passing kids who give you something to think about or make you remember the olden days. Seeing couples walking others doing business when travelling its like you are on the outside looking at the world. It feels me with so much. Maybe that’s  what I should do in life be a travelling something. It’s a job I love and I have been preparing for it since I was a toddler.

Chepkanga. The land I belong and grew up.
 Where the wind is so strong that it talks.
 When angry the wind shouts.
when happy it whispers and the trees sway gently to its voice.
where people are warm and welcoming
where people are gossips and know everything about all residents
where it seldom changes
ten years ago and today all things are same
people are born and grow up and move on.
where the skies are so blue
and matatus so rare
people gladly squeeze to make space for a neighbor
chepkanga the place that never changes and the place I grew up.