Monday, 19 September 2011

19th September 2011

Today is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad for it. Thus my day starts not that nicely but well all the same. The call from dear sweet mum that just made my day. Ati she has missed me awww. hehe then almost being late for that class the 1 that the lecturer likes me because am a left handed just like him and it just rocks to be a lefthanded.He teaches history he is funny and he believes he was alive in 1920.

 The bad thing was after lunch I was walking happily to class thinking of a photo story for class. Then halfway to class my shoe string snapped and the shoe almost broke into two. I could not even drag my foot in the shoe I had to walk barefoot back to the room meeting a hundred people going the opposite direction looking at me with pitiful eyes. Then as if things could not get any worse I was pricked by a thorn aaargh but I went to the room changed shoes went to class made a presentation and am still smiling.


Life is life. It cannot be described and it cannot be the same as anyone's life. It is unique and it belongs to you. That is life.
This semester as beatiful and challenging it is has taught me to question life through socrates words. Its through questions we learn that we do not know anything. Hehe if I do not try and quote socrates how will you know am doing philosophy?
Then in studio looking at the faces of my classmates and wondering if we are all there for love of mass communication or is it because of our fasination with television, magazines, radio and celebrities.
Why do we do what we do???
That day we mass communication second years were in the studio looking at how the radio world is and it was such a nice feeling to be in that studio and to be starting something we will spend all our lives doing. The biggest question is what our motivation is. Is it more glamorous being on the outside loooking in or being on the inside making it happen.
It is common knowledge that we are almost never satisfied with what we get will that be reflected in this????