Thursday 4 October 2012

Crazy random thoughts for a crazy random day

I feel like running away to a world where I belong.
A place where books are LOVED.
A place where people are sweet and nice and friendly.
But then I guess I would never know if they are being nice. Today I thought I would meet a guy I admire the most. I think I am his no. 1 fan. He is the great, ironical, satirical, hilarious Tony Mochama. But the guy is avoiding me (I think). Reasons y:
1. He was supposed to be launching his book at Storymoja, I went prepared to FINALLY meet him. Sad for me he did not turn up.
2. He was supposed to turn up for the launch of our school newspaper but again he was a no show. Now I am completely sure I never was meant to meet him YET.
So being that I want to rant ( Dear family note this is one of the instances that I do not have to be angry to write)
I have a feeling the future is not going to be what I expected it to be. I am not as agressive i.e I am shy extra shy. My feelings are close to the surface i.e hurt easily.
Today I finally accept that maybe it is not a bad thing for that. Maybe it is not a bad thing that I wear my heart on my sleeve or that I fall apart when someone I admire completly down plays my work.
Maybe ( I sure am optimistic) it is part of my strength.
On that note, I have a lecturer I really aadmire. She is tough and sweet at the same time. She has a do not mess thing going on but also a you can talk to me kind of thing going on. I think we all need a person like her in our lives. Someone who will look at you and tell you things will be okay but you have to do one two three.
I love writing I really do but I think I will have to move away from it coz apparently I need an edge and I do not know how to get it.
I smile tho I break
I walk tho I stumble
I enjoy tho I cry...
I miss Wahome Mutahi's great works of art. (That was in other news)