Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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I penda life coz waaah it is just interestn!!!!!!
I remember ma stuff that has happnd that has made people laugh at all stages of laif. Mara c a classmate lusn a shoe coz ilifly hadi juu ya toilet roof. Then the days ya kuruka fence bak in Mr Ms land.I still rememba tukipush wall ndio atuchape vizuri. Mr Mwangi yaani (every1 had a Mr M in his/her laif ryt???) I just salute those teachers who made us dread going to skul but pai alitupa memories worth making and drew the class closer together in our 'hate' 4 him.
Then new skul class six comn and new teachers to dread. That first day in skul (again all those hu know the feeln do empathise with me) waaah I had butterflies in my stomach alafu venye watu walikuwa wanakaa      mabarbie  that I was freakn out.And I had a crush on the hottest guy in class hmm that guy was hot.  All in all I got over it safely phewx!!! Then kukneel down mbele ya staffroom with my mouth covered na sellotape courtersy of Mr Ki.Now I remember y I was sooo glad to b dne with primary.I remember Mrs Nyo(alikuwa anaitwa nani???) akiuliza hu pendas skul n akiwa so shockd wen we all in unison said NO ONE!!
 Mwalimu Si wat a kiswahili teacher and a half. (hu has ever noticed that all pri swa teachers are just comedians) I pendad that teacha venye he thot!!!!
All my pri lyf I cnt forget Miss K wit her swag, short skirts, ATT  n venye she made me go places plus her favourn me!!! hehe
Hyskul!!!! Tunaingia form 1 feeln so mature and so on top of the world only to be reminded by Mr Ak hau we are wheelbarrows wa shule to be seen and to serve but have no ryts at all. Them prefects made us kneel imba sme lullabies and M beat the chemistry into us (at least kwa wengine iliingia). The fact that we were a mixed skul meant that life never got boring!! Alfu rumours spread like bushfire this chick sneaks into the boys dorm at nait and by break time the whole skul minus the teachers know abt it. What the heck hau the hell. Thn the dreaded 4... (that class since I entad 4rm 1 to the day 1 finishd that kcse paper has bn the same ) is wea all the evil happnd!!! Even the principal culdnt do anythn abt it

tym 4 swt me to slip wit a smile am so glad am out of Hyskul no matter hau fun it smtimes was

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Hero.

 Tommorow willl mark 5 years since I said goodbye to my dear father.Known to me as Baba to my brothers as FCC and to the world as Mr Cheruiyot. A great man he was a man am more than proud that he was my father. WAAAAAH I MISS HIM soooo much. He had  the answers to all my questions and I felt safe if he would have told me to jump off a bridge I would have done it wihtout thinking twice I never ever doubted his decisions.
A handsome distinguished quiet wise man who said habari yake and with whom I arm wrestled and took walks with on sunday evenings. The man who loved his children and who gave us the best the man who would not take a bribe at ALL...
The man who raised 8 children.
Baba your memory lives on and though you are gone we love you.  Imiss you very very much. Going to