Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Dear Ima,
           How are you and how is life this days its been 9 yaers since we last talked you were the best friend I ever had. I know I have
used the word were thats because so many things have changed since those days.Life went on and I found people who will be with me forever yeah yeah I know you would have been 1 of them if you were still here. Let me tell you about them from the very begining
it was in 2003 and I was going to a new school the tension and everything else was there. So was  a D  and a SH and a SHA and a L and a H
friends good friends then I dnt know how good. They helped me through those last 3 years and wwwwwaaaaahhh dnt we have a lot of fun in our own way. The 1st part of life ended and we went our different ways because life had to go on and we had to meet all the other awesome poeple who would change us in small ways.
          Yeah we met them and met them people who were with us in the second phase of life and personaly my new friends were just great and helpful with a shoulder to cry on as I went through everything and everything is a LOT the tears I shed the laughter everything!!!
Then we finished that phase of life and met again and believe it or not picked up from where we stopped we went on as if we had never been apart.Ima  I cant say all we have been through together special times with each one of them they know everything  av been through since this year begun.
           I have found friends who are more than friends they are sister and more than sisters they are my best friends!!!!!!!!!! Ilove them soooooo much and know we always will be there 4 each other. Ima they are Deee my namesake, Sha,Sheila,Lisa and Hilda!!!!!
          Ima al break it all down for you another day al tell u all about my days!!! Today av told you about my strongholds they were sent by God to be there for me heheheh.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I write coz I love,
I cry coz I hurt,
I cry 2 coz I love,
I b coz I am,
I smile coz of life,
I wish coz of wants,
I pray coz of needs,
I pray coz of pain,
I pray for love,
I pray for u,
I pray for me,
I pray to fill an emptyness,
I eat to add,
I eat to love,
I study to live,
I enjoy to laugh,
I confuse coz I can,
Then I smile coz am me,
I fill joy coz I have all I need.
I am thankful to Him, to you, to me!!!


Now this one is yours and I promise totry to say the truth just as I see it. We were forced together by fate that made you lose 2 deskys and me be tricked out of my place but it was for the best. You be a strong strong person with ambition and determination and I love the way you view the world. The way we were talking about careers and being rich hehe the passion you had...
The way you made fun of me and umm unajua to and the way I did the same with Nyakundi ;) (know you knw who am talking about) but anyway you kept me laughing you were there for me when I cried and we made such a unique friendship that al always regret not being there for you in may 2010.
Histo teacher loving you and you always finding a way to! The way we talked of our families and venye we husema stories you always kept me glued listening. Then tunasema tunakuwa foccussed and we were for 10 minutes maximum.
Btw am sorry about the drawing that made Maina call us to his office!
I remeber a lot and we always be deskys tho life has taken us to different places and maybe we might not get what we had before but we still have memorires and all the time in the world to rekindle an awesome friendship. I love you soooo much!!!! 

Monday, 3 October 2011


Its a Monday again and I always hate Mondays especially the fact that today I had to wake up at 6. I hate hate hate Mondays. Then I ended up missing my fave class for photography a developing something that turned black :(. I still love photography all in all.

Yesterday outside a club near Odeon was a young boy dancing. That boy had moves that would challenge a professional dancer. All the people in the club were cheering him on and when the music stopped ni vile we in Kenya otherwise he would have received a standing ovation. The people in the club began dropping cash down to the boy. He was very grateful that when a person gave him a shilling he thanked him like he hads been given a thousand but the look in that boys eyes when he danced were those of determination and joy. He is my inspiration for the week!!!!