Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I dream that one day I will stand and say this words...

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all. Everyone who has stood by my side through everything. You all have made this possible. 1st, I would like to thank me famillie, the big one that I have. This extends from parents,siblings to cousins. A special mention is Susan my dear one. She was the one I have been with through all the stupid things av done. She is one person I call when I have done something stupid. The inspiration behind my career.
I want to thank my friends who have been great partners in life. I remember a saying your best friend is the one who will be sitting with you in jail as you both try and figure out how to get out. And I have had many such friends.  Many are the times we have been in compromising situations laughing, crying and swearing that it wont happen again.
I stand before you as the little girl who went to a small school in Eldoret, as the little girl who once recieved a present in an over-sized dress - that had dust stains on the side it looked like I had fallen sideways on my way to get the present, an over-sized sweater and very dusty shoes (My friends still laugh about that photo till today). I stand infront of you as that young girl who was afraid of submitting a story because she did not want to fail at what she loved.
I am still that girl who cries and hides away from the world when she is sad. I remain humble and know that I am here only because I got help. Others believed in me when  I didn't believe in me. A special mention goes to the guy who mentored me when I was a shy 21 year old. A.K May God bless you because all the thank yous I say are not enough.
Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank God. He has brought me from far since I was a tiny toddler born pre-mature, He has received a lot of tears and frustrations and He has held me through it all and kept me sane.
I hope to get a chance to keep on doing what I love and mentor other talented but shy young people.
Thank you.

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